Posted By: Kimberly Klemm
On: August 11, 2014
There are several possibilities for furthering the efficiency and energy output of fuel cell systems that could be incorporated into the processes used for fuel cell energy production. Below are three areas for exploration in this relatively new arena: 1. In hydrolysis a covalent bond is formed between the oxygen  more...
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Posted By: Pete Stupple - Graduate Engineer, UK Power Networks
On: July 24, 2014
Moving the electricity sector into a low-carbon future presents many challenges. As supply becomes increasingly intermittent, so the need for fast-responding, flexible demand and generation sources grows. Energy storage is a key source of flexibility to meet this need and has been identified by the UK Smart Grid Forum as  more...
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Posted By: Ed Spears - Product Marketing Manager, Critical Power Solutions Division, Eaton
On: July 17, 2014
Co-autored by Allen Fowler, Service Manager, Eaton In today’s data center landscape, it has become increasingly important to maintain uptime for business continuity. To avoid costly downtime and sustain uptime in the case of a power event, facilities operators have to deploy a comprehensive power distribution scheme along with emergency  more...
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Posted By: Harry Valentine - Commentator/Energy Researcher, Langson Energy
On: May 7, 2014
Aluminum occurs is abundance in the earth’s crust and has directly and indirectly plays a role in the energy sector, with prospects to play an expanded role in the future. About a decade ago, one of the world’s large aluminum companies posted job openings for doctoral graduates in chemistry, to  more...
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Posted By: Davis Swan - President, Debarel Systems Ltd.
On: December 23, 2013
I recently joined a discussion about how gravity might be used to generate and store energy. One of the comments provided a link to Gravity Power, a company that has proposed a modified take on "pumped storage" whereby a vertical water reservoir is used with a heavy piston.  During the discussions  more...
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Posted By: James Greenberger - Executive Director, National Alliance for Advanced Technology Batteries
On: November 18, 2013
Earlier this week I spoke with an old friend, who works in the utility practice group of a major management consulting firm.  We commiserated about the challenges of getting conservative electric utilities to adopt new technology.  My friend opined that the only way to get the attention of utility management  more...
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Posted By: Harry Valentine - Commentator/Energy Researcher, Langson Energy
On: November 1, 2013
While Ontario has for decades been North America's largest electrical utility, it has often been plagued by political controversy. Many an elected official has used the utility as a means by which to achieve a political agenda. Ongoing political agendas have left the utility saddled with massive debt. The utility's  more...
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Posted By: Roger Arnold - Owner, Silverthorn Engineering
On: September 30, 2013
In January, a report from the Edison Electric Institute painted a bleak picture for the future of investor-owned utilities.  It essentially said that the IOU business model, under the current regulatory environment, is not sustainable in the face of expected growth in rooftop solar1.  Dangerous feedback loop? The crux of  more...
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Posted By: Malcolm Metcalfe , Eric Hoevenaars
On: July 8, 2013
Grid-scale energy storage technologies are set to play a crucial role in the today's evolving power system. System operators and utilities are continuously working to improve grid efficiency and reliability and look to storage technologies to do so. Storage can lend a helping hand in implementing numerous applications, including renewable  more...
Posted By: Kristopher Settle
On: June 18, 2013
One of the biggest concerns with many forms of renewable energy is their inability to store active energy during times when the sun isn't out, or when the wind isn't blowing.  With these energies gaining popularity and growing at an impressive rate, it seems as though establishing an efficient form  more...

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