Posted By: Kathleen Wolf Davis - Editor-in-Chief, Intelligent Utility, Energy Central
On: July 27, 2016
From our contacts at Con Edison:  Con Edison is developing a mobile battery system that will supply neighborhoods with clean power when high demand for electricity causes equipment problems on the grid, increasing the potential for power outages. The energy company, taking advantage of fast-evolving energy storage technology, plans to have  more...
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Posted By: Andy Beck - EVP of Energy, Manufacturing & Sustainability Practice, Makovsky
On: July 11, 2016
The Council of Economic Advisers, an agency that provides the President advice on domestic and international economic policy, recently released a new report, “Incorporating Renewables into the Electric Grid: Expanding Opportunities for Smart Markets and Energy Storage”. The report argues that a transition to an electric grid powered substantially by  more...
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Posted By: Paul Valenta - Vice President of Sales and Marketing, CALMAC Corp.
On: April 22, 2016
Thermal energy storage (TES) has been around for years. When compressor-based HVAC systems were first applied, they were not large enough to cool large venues. Motion picture theaters and houses of worship would use thermal storage by creating and storing cooling all week for the weekends' activities. As HVAC systems  more...
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Posted By: Harry Valentine - Commentator/Researcher, Chatila/Menoz
On: March 15, 2016
The development of deep water compressed air energy storage (DW CAES) involves placing weight ballasted inflatable bags on the seafloor or submerged on a lake bed, with an air pipe connecting between ground level and submerged bags. It is a variation of water-displacement compressed air storage (WD CAES) that can  more...
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Posted By: Davis Swan - President, Debarel Systems Ltd.
On: November 11, 2015
If we had affordable and reliable utility-scale battery systems our energy problems would be over. We could easily develop enough wind and solar power to meet our energy demands by storing excess energy generated at mid-day and when the winds were blowing strongly. It would then be available to use  more...
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Posted By: Martin Tampier - Energy Consultant, ENVINT Consulting
On: October 15, 2015
Intermittent renewables represent the largest share of newly built energy generation capacity into the foreseeable future. The US Clean Power Plan requires all states to source 28 percent of their power from renewables by 2030 (12% from non-hydro renewables). California, usually in the lead on “green” policy initiatives among US  more...
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Posted By: Harry Valentine - Commentator/Researcher, Chatila/Menoz
On: June 24, 2015
Despite opposition to nuclear power generation across much of Western Europe and also across the United States, other nations that include China, India, South Africa, Japan and several Middle Eastern nations are actively planning for future nuclear power generation. India and China have access to the ores that contain thorium  more...
Posted By: Dr. Henri Winand - CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, Intelligent Energy
On: April 22, 2015
We’ve spoken previously about the potential for fuel-cell growth in developing countries like India, and there’s no doubt that hydrogen fuel cells could lead those regions into a new future.  It’s not just developing regions overseas that can best benefit from an amplified fuel-cell economy, however. The time is ripe  more...
Posted By: Ryan Franks - Technical Program Manager, NEMA
On: April 16, 2015
The revision cycle for the National Electrical Code® (or NEC for short) continues through its phases, similar to the changing seasons. While many readers may be familiar, a brief summary of the NEC could be necessary. The NEC is a model code that is formally known as NFPA 70, and  more...
Posted By: Stefanie Matteson - Vice President, Antenna Group
On: March 27, 2015
The buzzword in the solar industry these days is “storage.” Because solar only produces power when the sun is shining, technologies need to be developed to store solar energy so that it can be used when the sun is not shining in order for it to become a significant part  more...

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