Cooper Power Systems CYME Power Engineering Software Module Released for Long-Term Dynamics Analysis of Distributed Energy Resources

Cooper Power Systems - 10.03.2011

New simulation tools are required by utility distribution engineers to prepare for increased levels of renewable distributed generation deployment. The new Cooper Power Systems CYME™ Power Engineering Software Long-Term Dynamics Analysis module will be released October 2011 to help address the complex challenges in power network planning and operation of variable output distributed energy resources (DER), such as solar farms and wind farms. The new CYME module offers a new time-series simulation to study the impact of insolation variations, wind fluctuations, and load variations on network controls.

Given the impact of wind intermittency and cloud-over periods on the output of wind energy systems and photovoltaic (PV) generation, analyzing such variations on regulators, load tap-changers and capacitor switches becomes critical to operating the system. The Long-Term Dynamics Analysis module allows the user to properly assess the impact of DER integration and better understand related technical issues such as var control and voltage regulation.

“As technology advances for wind and solar power supplies in power generation portfolios, utilities are faced with the challenge of managing their interconnection into the grid. The Cooper Power Systems CYME Long-Term Dynamics Analysis module will provide our customers with a powerful tool to understand how solar arrays and wind farms will impact their system,” said Mike Stoessl, president, Cooper Power Systems, a subsidiary of Cooper industries (NYSE: CBE).

Since 1986 thousands of power system engineers from around the world have used CYME software from Cooper Power Systems to plan, design and optimize electrical power networks. For more information, please visit our web site,

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