Posted By: Rick Barnett - Consultant, Green Builder
On: September 29, 2014
The utility industry is confronted with a condition often called “disruptive challenges”. Introduced by the Edison Electric Institute’s 2013 report (“Disruptive Challenges: Financial Implications and Strategic Responses to a Changing Retail Electric Business”), stories about disruption are regularly found in utility news. An informative Energy Central post from Andres Carvallo  more...
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Posted By: Katrina McMurrian - Executive Director, Critical Consumer Issues Forum (CCIF)
On: September 5, 2014
At the recent National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) Summer Committee Meetings, public utility commissioners from around the country gathered to discuss a number of energy issues and challenges. Among the issues discussed was the integration of renewable energy sources, particularly distributed generation (DG) technologies such as solar panels  more...
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Posted By: Stephen Morgan - CEO, American Clean Energy LLC
On: June 26, 2014
Where We Are A resurgence of the renewable energy business has taken place over the last decade, fueled by state and federal policy mandates, incentives and significant reductions in project costs.  Despite the recession of 2008, growth in the renewables sector accelerated particularly in the deployment of wind and solar  more...
Posted By: Mark Lively
On: January 21, 2014
The falling prices for photovoltaic (PV) cells has led to an explosion of the number and capacity of PV on the "distribution" grid.  The growth has been so strong that some "distribution" circuits have been reported to have generation in excess of three times the load being carried by these  more...
Posted By: Mark Lively
On: July 3, 2013
The electric industry around the world is increasingly enamored with the concept of MicroGrids, distribution networks with embedded distributed generation.  MicroGrids often have enough distributed generation to be self sustaining when the distribution network is disconnected from the transmission system.  In some respects, the MicroGrid concept is a throwback to  more...
Posted By: Jon Rabitoy - Senior Project Engineer, RG Engineering Company LLC
On: May 6, 2013
Synopsis There was a time in my corporate power generation, design engineering career, where the executives of our company, shifted our engineering departments focus from funded design engineering projects, to, a heavy dosage of industrial engineering economics to meet feasibility studies for the upper executive staff, and using the MEANS  more...
Posted By: Joao Gomes
On: September 11, 2012
We must be careful so that these "Minimal Rules" do not prevent small generators can not meet, especially in the aspect of cost and demand consulting with the other requirements. The regulatory complexity, obligations and regulations inhibit any effective participation of Mini and Micro Generation, if not stipulated rules simpler  more...
Posted By: Joao Gomes
On: September 6, 2012
Distributed Generation will bring flexibility, reliability and security in the electric industry. While bringing many benefits, there are still enormous barriers to their implementation. Distributed Generation should meet the needs of individual consumers and communities and offer some support and intelligence to the "Large Network", and work independently, balancing supply  more...
Posted By: Peter Noland - Consulting Partner, Artois-Bell
On: September 7, 2010
There appears now to be almost universal concurrence on a future where distributed generation (DG) assets including solar PV, solar thermal, fuel cells and other forms of on-site power generation produce clean, reliable & economic energy for thousands of commercial, industrial and residential end-users. However, while this future "Microgrid" evolves,  more...
Posted By: Harry Valentine - Commentator/Energy Researcher, Langson Energy
On: March 16, 2009
The history of power conversion can be traced back some 4000-years ago with small-site installations involving water wheels doing some form of mechanical work. Crude forms of windmills appeared during a later period. While the combustion of biomass to raise steam first appeared in ancient Egypt, the first practical uses  more...

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