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'Chunk of ice' shuts down Unit 1 at Byron nuclear power plant

Mar 05 - Forexpros - One of the two units at the Byron Generating Station automatically shut down Tuesday morning, according to an Exelon Corporation spokesman. more...
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SunEdison Becomes First Renewable Energy Company To Offer Solar, Wind, And Energy Storage

Mar 05 - PR Newswire - SunEdison, Inc. (NYSE: SUNE), the world's largest renewable energy development company, and Solar Grid Storage LLC, a leader in deploying combined energy storage and solar PV systems, today announced that SunEdison has acquired the energy storage project origination team, project pipeline, and subject to customary consents and assignments, four operating storage projects from Solar Grid Storage. more...
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GRID Alternatives Joins CPF’s Network of Channel Partners to Finance Solar Projects for Low-Income Homeowners

Mar 05 - Business Wire - GRID Alternatives (GRID), the nation’s largest non-profit solar installer, has become a channel partner to Clean Power Finance (CPF) to help more low-income homeowners save money on their electric bills with residential solar. more...
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Earth Source Organics to Run on Clean Energy from Arcadia Power

Mar 05 - PR Web - Today, Earth Source Organics (ESO) announced that it is now running on 100% pollution-free electricity through a partnership with national Clean Energy provider, Arcadia Power. more...
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SwRI receives $9.9 million from U.S. DOE to improve solar plant efficiency

Mar 05 - ENP Newswire - Southwest Research Institute has been awarded $4.9 million by the U.S. more...
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OneRoof Energy Continues Sales Channel Expansion with Blue Raven Solar

(The Associated Press) - Mar 5 -  OneRoof Energy, Inc., a residential solar services provider and wholly-owned subsidiary of OneRoof Energy Group, Inc. more...
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By Dennis Wamsted
On: February 27, 2015
Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), the newly installed Senate majority leader, is fond of lambasting the Obama administration for its 'war on coal' and its impact more...
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By Kevin Clark
On: February 26, 2015
In many shale plays, the composition of the "flowback" from fracking sites are a complex combination of water, extraction chemicals, soluble and insoluble gases, oil, more...
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By Bob Ashworth
On: February 23, 2015
In a survey in 2014 it was reported that coal mining jobs had fallen by 8.3%, based on data provided by the U.S. Mine Safety more...
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By Richard Goodwin
On: February 20, 2015
Horizontal Drilling and Hydraulic Fracturing, represent technology developed in the 1980's, are responsible for extracting Shale Gas and Shale Oil [Unconventional Liquid Hydrocarbons] from previously more...
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By Day Chahroudi
On: February 18, 2015
Today, solar energy is synonymous with photoelectric cells. But there is a much simpler and cheaper way to use the sun's energy. Typically, three times more...
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To know more about briquetting

By rexxar song - Although briquetting machine has existed for decades and once in a while after the second world war it declined, however more...
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Energy efficient transformers – having strict quality measures and testing standards

By Rajesh Patel - These transformers are integrated with modern technology and they bring the level of the power supply that is required by more...
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Global Photovoltaic Solar(PV) Panel Inverter Industry 2015 Market Research,Assessment And Growth

By swapnil devale - Global Photovoltaic Solar Panel  Industry 2015 Market Research Report provides information on pricing, market analysis, shares, forecast, and company profiles more...
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Global And China Solar Energy Electrical Fence Production Industry 2015 Market Research Report

By swapnil devale - Global and China Solar Energy Electrical Fence Industry 2015 Market Research Report provides information on pricing, market analysis, shares, forecast, more...

Crystalline Solar Photovoltaics PV Panel Systems Market Growth, Trends up to 2015: Radiant Insights,

By Daisy Colbert - Crystalline Solar Photovoltaics PV Panel Systems Market Reportwas a professional and depth research report on Global Crystalline Solar Photovoltaics PV more...

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