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Nuclear reactor at Indian Point plant in N.Y. shut down again after leak

- One of two reactor units at a nuclear power plant near New York City has been taken offline for the second time in four months after leakage was found in a pipe that pumps water into the facility, officials said Friday. more...
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Indian Point nuclear reactor to be taken offline post pipe leaks

- BUCHANAN, U.S. - A reactor at the Indian Point nuclear Power plant, 46 miles north of Manhattan, had to be taken offline after authorities found a leaking pipe. The reactor will reportedly be shut down for a few days for repairs even as anti-Indian Point protesters spoke out on the safety hazards in the power plant. Governor Andrew Cuomo, a long time opponent of the power plant said that the ... more...
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Study could lead to improved wind turbine performance

By Edd Pritchard, The Repository, Canton, Ohio - Researchers at the University of Akron have helped the U.S. more...
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Commercial Leasing for Wind Power on the Outer Continental Shelf Offshore the Island of Oahu, Hawaii

- With this Call for Information and Nominations (Call), BOEM invites the submission of information and nominations from parties interested in obtaining one or more commercial wind energy leases that would allow lessees to propose the construction of wind energy projects on the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) /1/ offshore the island of Oahu, Hawaii. more...
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For wind farm watchers, look to North Carolina

By Christopher Collins, Times Record News, Wichita Falls, Texas - While at least two Texas legislators are drafting proposals that would limit the construction of wind turbines near military bases, a similar effort is underway in North Carolina. more...
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Woodstock board signs letter of support for wind ordinance petition

By Matthew Daigle, Sun Journal, Lewiston, Maine - The Board of Selectmen voted Tuesday evening to sign a letter of support asking the Maine Land Use Planning Commission in Bangor to remove Milton Township from the "Expedited Permitting Area for Wind Energy Development." The letter stated that the town made the request "for several reasons, foremost of which is our obligation to the citizens of Woodstock who, because of ... more...
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By Saif Islam
On: June 27, 2016
PV installers in the USA are optimistic about 2016. Almost 60% of American PV installers believe they will install more kWp in 2016 than last more...
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By Mark Muro
On: June 15, 2016
One of the most exciting infrastructure developments within metropolitan America, the installation of over a million solar photovoltaic (PV) systems in recent years, represents nothing more...
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By Randy Wheeless
On: June 10, 2016
With 670 miles of wire and cable and 487,000 solar panels, Duke Energy’s 40-megawatt (MW) Elm City Solar Facility is the latest addition to the more...
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By Deborah Adams
On: June 6, 2016
The widespread rollout of carbon capture and storage (CCS) is included in many projections of how to limit the temperature increase to 2°C. But, to more...
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By Britton Rife
On: June 1, 2016
After 2 years of gathering stakeholder input and reaching industry and academic consensus, production of the SMART Wind Roadmap is now complete. more...
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Global Digital Oilfield Market 2016 Industry Analysis, Research, Growth, Trends and Overview

By Avinash Gogawale - Global Digital Oilfield Industry 2016 Market Overview, Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, Technology, Applications, Growth, Market Status, Demands, Insights, Development, Research more...
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Global Mineral-oil-based Lubricants Market to Grow at a CAGR of 2% Between 2014-2019 Research Report

By ram singh - Global Mineral-oil-based Lubricants Market 2015-2019 Size and Share Published in 2015-11-11 Available for US$ 2500 at Description About mineral more...

Global Geothermal Power Generation Market 2016 Industry Analysis, Segment & Forecast up to 2020

By kara kirkland - Geothermal power is electricity generated by geothermal energy of earth. Geothermal power is considered to be a sustainable, renewable source more...

Global Drill Bits Market Analysis, Trends, Segment & Forecast up to 2020

By kara kirkland - Drill bits machine are cutting tools used to remove material to create holes, always of circular cross-section. Drill bit is more...

Global Smart Transformers Market Analysis, Trends, Segment & Forecast up to 2020

By kara kirkland - Smart transformer is also known as solid state transformer. Smart transformer controls power distribution networks. It makes possible the conversion more...

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