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Grants, loans available for ag renewable energy systems

Hembree Brandon - Agricultural operations may be eligible for USDA grants of up to $20,000 to convert systems to renewable energy. more...
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Environmental Groups Sue Florida Power Plant For Contaminant Discharges

- In a testy back-and-forth, environmental groups in Florida are squaring off with a local power plant for what they claim are violations of the Clean Water Act. more...
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Jim Gray advocates increased carbon-capture research to boost coal

By Bill Estep, Lexington Herald-Leader - Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Jim Gray said Tuesday his plan for boosting Eastern Kentucky's tattered economy would include increased investment in research to capture carbon emissions from power plants. The goal of the technology is to allow plants to burn coal more cleanly. Coal-fired plants have been major sources of carbon emissions that the Obama administration has pushed to ... more...
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Cooking oil, graphene among CO2 capture prize entry ideas

By MEAD GRUVER, Associated Press - Cooking oil and graphene, a recently discovered substance stronger than steel, might seem to have little in common, but some theorize both could be made from carbon dioxide emitted by coal- and gas-fired power plants. more...
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Tule Wind Project takes another step

By Rob Nikolewski, The San Diego Union-Tribune - It's taken 12 years but the Tule Wind Project that is slated to eventually generate 201 megawatts of power from a 12,000-acre site in San Diego's East County is on the threshold of getting built. more...
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San Jose: Neighbors wary of county's plan to build solar panels near Guadalupe Parkway

By Julia Baum, Mercury News - Plans to install solar panels in a field near the Guadalupe Parkway in San Jose are getting pushback from nearby residents. more...
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By Kathleen Wolf Davis
On: July 27, 2016
Con Edison is developing a mobile battery system that will supply neighborhoods with clean power when high demand for electricity causes equipment problems on the more...
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By Andy Beck
On: July 11, 2016
The Council of Economic Advisers, an agency that provides the President advice on domestic and international economic policy, recently released a new report, "Incorporating Renewables more...
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By Alex Hobson
On: July 8, 2016
This Independence Day, Americans will be celebrating the 240th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. And the solar industry, in the midst more...
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By Darren Gale
On: June 29, 2016
When the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) unveiled its "Delivering the Nuclear Promise" initiative at the end of 2015, it was a significant step for the more...
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By Saif Islam
On: June 27, 2016
PV installers in the USA are optimistic about 2016. Almost 60% of American PV installers believe they will install more kWp in 2016 than last more...
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Global Digital Oilfield Market 2016 Industry Analysis, Research, Growth, Trends and Overview

By Avinash Gogawale - Global Digital Oilfield Industry 2016 Market Overview, Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, Technology, Applications, Growth, Market Status, Demands, Insights, Development, Research more...
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Global Mineral-oil-based Lubricants Market to Grow at a CAGR of 2% Between 2014-2019 Research Report

By ram singh - Global Mineral-oil-based Lubricants Market 2015-2019 Size and Share Published in 2015-11-11 Available for US$ 2500 at Description About mineral more...

Global Geothermal Power Generation Market 2016 Industry Analysis, Segment & Forecast up to 2020

By kara kirkland - Geothermal power is electricity generated by geothermal energy of earth. Geothermal power is considered to be a sustainable, renewable source more...

Global Drill Bits Market Analysis, Trends, Segment & Forecast up to 2020

By kara kirkland - Drill bits machine are cutting tools used to remove material to create holes, always of circular cross-section. Drill bit is more...

Global Smart Transformers Market Analysis, Trends, Segment & Forecast up to 2020

By kara kirkland - Smart transformer is also known as solid state transformer. Smart transformer controls power distribution networks. It makes possible the conversion more...

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AESP Summer Conference: Technology... The Great Game Changer

Tuesday Aug 16, 2016 - Thursday Aug 18, 2016 - Chicago , Illinois - United States

2016 AESP Summer Conference Technology – The Great Game Changer August 16-18 - Chicago In recent times, the role of technology has branched out into different directions. No longer is technology just a part of energy efficiency that is responsible more...

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