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How to craft the perfect field mobility program: Trends to adopt, traps to avoid and tapping into experience

Wednesday Apr 16, 2014 - Virtual Event

Efficiency isn't just for your customer, and it's not just about saving cash for your end-user. Putting efficiency to work within your field units can bring a real tech ROI into focus. One way to get clearer vision on that efficiency: the proper use of mobile devices. Last year, PricewaterhouseCoopers reported "game-changing benefits" for utilities that put mobility solutions into practice, with productivity improvements clocking in between twenty and thirty percent. How do you get those numbers and make for happier customers, too? Join us for this webinar where we reveal details on mobility options, planning for mobility programs and a case study on mobility in action. more...

NERC CIP: Changing Your Utility's Mindset from v3 to v5: A useful framework and approach to getting started

Tuesday Mar 11, 2014 - Virtual Event

NERC CIP v5 brings a tenfold increase on the number of critical assets utilities now need to classify within scope - including such assets as control centers, substations, and generation facilities. With time, resources, and a "roadmap" in short supply, this complementary one-hour on-demand webinar will offer real-world NERC CIP insights from executives at ComEd, Deloitte and BRIDGE Energy Group to help you move forward. more...

What's Ahead for Storage in 2014? Trends and Implications for the Energy Industry

Thursday Feb 20, 2014 - Virtual Event

In 2013, we witnessed major movements on electricity storage: California mandated the adoption of 1.325 GW, continually increasing amounts of PV on the grid propelled interest in solar-storage applications, more sophisticated evaluation tools were introduced to accurately assess the benefits of storage on the grid, and trends in locating more resources to the edge of the grid have led to increasing interest in including storage into a variety of distributed energy resource applications. more...

Taking Utility Mobile Apps to the Next Level

Wednesday Jan 22, 2014 - Virtual Event

Mobile apps have become a must-have for utilities looking to tap into the mobile channel to improve customer satisfaction scores and reduce call center costs. Bringing traditional self-service capabilities to mobile devices was a natural first step for utilities, but mobile apps are capable of much more. more...

Aging Utility Workforce: Business Impacts and Strategies

Tuesday Nov 26, 2013 - Virtual Event

The utility industry's workforce is aging and this poses a huge risk in the coming years. Experience, understanding and know-how built up over decades resides with employees who've worked at a single utility that company for most or their entire career. These employees are human knowledge banks, and when they leave, their loss leaves a gaping hole known as "brain drain." more...

Getting In Synch: Here Comes 3D: The Next Generation of Interoperability

Thursday Nov 21, 2013 - Virtual Event

Until now, interoperability efforts have largely focused on utility devices and communications. With a strong foundation of interoperability among core and enabling technologies, many utilities and solution providers are ready to focus on a new dimension of interoperability: applications. more...

Streamlined Utility Network Design and Management

Tuesday Nov 5, 2013 - Virtual Event

Bentley Utilities Designer is a comprehensive design and GIS-based management application for electric, gas, water, and wastewater utility networks. The software combines GIS-agnostic engineering-grade design, on-the-fly cost estimation, design management, and a utility-specific GIS into a single product. more...

Public Power and Electric Cooperative Utilities: Implement a Demand Response Program with Minimal Upfront Costs

Tuesday Oct 22, 2013 - Virtual Event

Your public power or electric cooperative utility must continually provide reliable electric service to your consumers at the lowest possible cost. One proven way to manage costs: a demand response (DR) or load management program, which reduces power consumed during peak periods. more...

Arc Flash Burns - Are Your Workers Prepared for the Worst?

Wednesday Oct 16, 2013 - Virtual Event

Every day, 5 to 10 workers are severely injured or killed in an electrical arc flash accident. Countless more suffer serious burns on the job. Your first-response plan for serious electrical and thermal burns is critical to your workers’ well-being. Most first aid kits don't prepare workers well for serious burns. more...

Utility Applications need Industrial-rated Cable

Wednesday Oct 16, 2013 - Virtual Event

A cable is not a cable anymore. Mission-critical smart grid applications cannot fail. The probability of failure increases dramatically when improper specification, installation or termination of cables is introduced into utility infrastructure. more...

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