Posted By: Jessica Lorentz - Energy Engineer, Principal, Upkeep Energy
On: August 6, 2014
This article is co-authored by: Sam Cohen, AVP of Facilities, Elevations Credit Union Kevin Mueller, Senior Engineer, Independent Energy Solutions Steve Morgan, 4Sight Energy Solutions Project Summary Elevations Credit Union (ECU) is currently monitoring energy usage for eight electric meters in four buildings using a dashboard format offered by Power  more...
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Posted By: Wayne M. Kovach - SEO Specialist, Energy Curtailment Specialists, Inc.
On: July 25, 2014
The summer is here and vacations are being planned. Whether it's a family trip to a local beach, visiting relatives out of state, or a trip to Disneyland, families everywhere are eager to get out and enjoy this great time of year. With endless lists and preparations to take care  more...
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Posted By: Rick Barnett - Consultant, Green Builder
On: June 19, 2014
The largest part of residential energy consumption (generally considered around 40%) maintains interior comfort regardless of the weather. Energy used to create this comfort is a function of how well inside is separated from outside. The separation zone, or "thermal shell", is the insulating layer around conditioned interior space. Programs  more...
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Posted By: Shlomi Palas - CEO, Blue Sphere Corp.
On: May 22, 2014
When a company produces 150 tons of food waste every day that is either a huge problem or a great opportunity to innovate and produce energy. Grocery stores, restaurants, sports arenas, schools, and hospitals in the U.S. generate an average of two tons - 4,000 pounds - of food waste  more...
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Posted By: Brad Yaggie, BOC - Energy Efficiency Consultant, The Wasmer Company
On: May 21, 2014
According to the National Lighting Bureau, poor lighting conditions cause the productivity levels of your employees to fall by 5% and can even lead to physical stressors like eyestrain, blurred vision, and headaches. Increasing light levels while decreasing your energy consumption will not only take care of your employees by  more...
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Posted By: Dean Schiller - CEO, CEIVA Energy
On: April 25, 2014
A few years ago, the smart grid industry had almost entirely written off the in-home display (IHD) for energy management. Several companies had introduced products that were pulled from shelves shortly thereafter due to poor sales. Media coverage pointed to high costs, complicated hardware, and low adoption rates as the  more...
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Posted By: Dan Sosland , Jamie Howland
On: April 21, 2014
The Gordian knot of carbon footprints, global warming, energy costs, and home/transportation inefficiencies is enough to exhaust the most resilient optimist. is on the way. The path forward-to lower carbon, lower costs, and cleaner energy-grows clearer each day. The energy system of tomorrow consists of clean local energy resources,  more...
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Posted By: Gerry DeNotto - Managing Director, MalekRemian, LLC
On: April 10, 2014
Imagine, if you would, the following scenario which recently occurred. A man walked down a dark street in his neighborhood in a typical northeastern United States suburb, trying to avoid fallen branches brought down by a Sandy - like super storm and other debris that forced him to keep his  more...
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Posted By: Corey Weathers M.Ed. - Principal, Catalyst2030
On: March 25, 2014
Our grandparents are often the first to teach us about the value of a dollar and to not waste anything - food, water, energy, money - you name it. In my case, this is certainly true. It was my grandmother who helped open my eyes during my youth and more  more...
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Posted By: Sarah Battaglia - Energy Consultant, Energy Curtailment Specialists, Inc.
On: February 18, 2014
With the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) over and done with, shoppers are looking for new, useful, and innovative products that will make their lives easier, or at least more enjoyable.  Although we did not attend the show, we did our research and came up with 10 gadgets that will make  more...
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