Posted By: Bruce Baccei - Emerging Technologies Project Manager, Sacramento Municipal Utility District
On: January 28, 2015
Conventional Air Conditioners (ACs) Lose Efficiency as Temperatures Rise As temperatures rise in the searing heat of July and August afternoons, above 90-95° F, ACs work harder and harder using more energy per unit of cooling provided because their efficiency goes DOWN as temperatures rise! To make matters worse, at  more...
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Posted By: Wayne M. Kovach - SEO Specialist, NRG Business – Demand Response
On: January 13, 2015
Owning a home is no easy task. Sure, you build equity, make it your own, and have some really memorable parties, but the investment of time and money can drain you both physically and mentally. If you couple that with raising a family and working full time, the last thing  more...
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Posted By: Shira Weintraub - Marketing Program Manager, Urjanet
On: January 2, 2015
Many residential consumers are currently unaware of one of the easiest ways to reduce their cost of living. Some spend hours researching different smartphone data plans and cable services to save only a few dollars a month. By understanding what utility tariffs are and which ones are available, residents can  more...
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Posted By: Sarah Battaglia - Copywriter, NRG Business
On: December 30, 2014
With so many smart thermostats on the market today, it can be difficult to determine which one is best for you.  You want one that is going to be easy to install, simple to program, pleasing to look at, and probably most important, one that will save you money.  I’ve  more...
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Posted By: Jessica Kennedy - Energy Consultant, Energy Curtailment Specialists
On: December 24, 2014
Results of a study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) presents a life cycle assessment (LCA) on an array of electricity generation sources, from fossil fuels to solar power.  The conclusions indicate that renewable energy is cheaper, less environmentally damaging, and has more potential for growth in  more...
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Posted By: Sarah Battaglia - Copywriter, NRG Business
On: November 28, 2014
There's one thing you probably don't know about Apple. The information technology conglomerate was ranked 48th on Newsweek's Greenest Companies of America list this year. To put that in perspective, of the six million businesses registered in the United States, only 47 are considered "greener" than Apple. You've got to  more...
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Posted By: Sarah Battaglia - Copywriter, NRG Business
On: November 14, 2014
To assist our readers who are looking to become experts at managing their facility's energy consumption, we turned to Hines Interests Limited Partnership, which has one particular technique that not only leads to lower energy bills, but also a personalized check in the mail. Located in the heart of Manhattan  more...
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Posted By: Katia Lundy - Dir. Marketing and Communications, Plymouth Rock Energy
On: November 13, 2014
Business leaders have traditionally focused on productivity, competition and the bottom line. But these days, they must also focus on what might now be their biggest cost - energy. And to do that, they need what is known as an energy management policy. Simply put, an energy management policy is  more...
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Posted By: Karen Wirth - WaterSense Marketing and Outreach Coordinator, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
On: November 11, 2014
Many Americans know about the importance of saving energy and water. But few know about the drops-to-watts connection-that it takes energy to pump, heat, treat, and deliver the water we use every day for showering, bathing, cooking, and cleaning. In fact, homes with electric water heaters spend one-fourth of their  more...
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Posted By: Matthew Cohen - Energy Practice Leader, Direct Recruiters, Inc.
On: November 10, 2014
Matthew Cohen, Energy Management Practice Leader with DRI, interviews Jon Hilberg, President & CEO of KMC Controls, who talks about new technology and talent acquisition in the Building Automation space. KMC Controls helps facilities achieve higher levels of indoor environmental quality and energy efficiency by automating and controlling building systems.  more...
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