Duquesne Light Company Selects EnerNOC to Provide 40 Megawatt Demand Response Resource

EnerNOC, Inc. - 11.29.2011

EnerNOC, Inc. (NASDAQ: ENOC), the world's leading provider of demand response applications and services, today announced that it has been selected by Duquesne Light Company to provide 40 megawatts (MW) of demand response through September 30, 2012. This deployment of EnerNOC's comprehensive demand response application, DemandSMART(TM), will help Duquesne Light reduce peak demand for electricity at commercial, institutional, and industrial (C&I) customer sites and meet energy reduction targets established by Pennsylvania Act 129. EnerNOC has been selected to provide substantially more C&I demand response capacity to Pennsylvania utilities with Act 129 goals than all other third-party providers combined.

"Duquesne Light is committed to offering energy- and cost-saving measures to our customers," said Dave Defide, Manager of Customer Programs at Duquesne Light Company. "Working with EnerNOC on demand response will help our customers keep peak demand in check, and the program provides incentives and technology that encourage more efficient energy use throughout the year."

"Pennsylvania utilities are looking for ways to reduce peak demand for electricity and offer their largest energy users new money-saving opportunities. EnerNOC has become the demand response partner of choice for Duquesne and several of its peer utilities across the Commonwealth," said Tim Healy, Chairman and CEO of EnerNOC. "Our growing demand response portfolio continues to provide more value to both our utility partners and their C&I customers."

EnerNOC works closely with each site in its demand response network to develop a customized energy reduction plan. It then connects each site to its Network Operations Center, at no cost to the customer. When dispatched by Duquesne Light or its other utility partners, EnerNOC manages each site in real time to ensure that its network achieves the targeted demand reduction. Participating sites also receive access to DemandSMART's online energy management tools, which help customers track their performance to maximize payments and identify opportunities for further energy savings.

For more information about DemandSMART and EnerNOC’s award-winning suite of energy management applications, visit www.enernoc.com/solutions.

About EnerNOC

EnerNOC unlocks the full value of energy management for our utility and commercial, institutional, and industrial (C&I) customers by reducing real-time demand for electricity, increasing energy efficiency, improving energy supply transparency in competitive markets, and mitigating emissions. We accomplish this by delivering world-class energy management applications including DemandSMART™, comprehensive demand response; EfficiencySMART™, data-driven energy efficiency; SupplySMART™, energy price and risk management; and CarbonSMART™, enterprise carbon management. Our Network Operations Center (NOC) continuously supports these applications across thousands of C&I customer sites throughout the world. Working with more than 100 utilities and grid operators globally, we deliver energy, ancillary services, and carbon mitigation resources that provide cost-effective alternatives to investments in traditional power generation, transmission, and distribution. For more information, visit www.enernoc.com.


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