Posted By: Harry Valentine - Commentator/Energy Researcher, Langson Energy
On: August 18, 2015
There are occasions when the economics of transportation indicates cost benefits for commercial transportation vehicles to draw electric power from the grid, either directly in real time or during off-peak generation periods using energy storage technology. Commercial electric transportation systems usually involves the installation of a single cable above or  more...
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Posted By: John Redding - CEO, Onset, Inc.
On: July 14, 2015
Today’s electricity networks were designed on the presumption that load and generation were both predictable and slow-moving. Because of this presumption, control room operators had time to wait for the Energy Management System to identify the size of any change and available resources to respond to the change and to  more...
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Posted By: Steve Hambric - VP, Strategic Sales and Operations, Comverge
On: April 9, 2015
Currently there’s a fundamental debate taking place in the energy industry over which approach to demand management provides the most value, and it’s an important discussion because utilities need to consistently justify the time and effort they put into any energy management program. While home energy reporting systems encourage participants to  more...
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Posted By: Udi Merhav - CEO & Founder, energyOrbit
On: March 16, 2015
As the United States and countries across Europe cope with mothballed coal and gas-fired power plants, nuclear phase-out, and the integration of renewables into the energy mix, the problem of decreased available peak generation capacity will continue to escalate. Demand Side Management (DSM) will continue to be essential for creating  more...
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Posted By: Jessica Kennedy - Energy Consultant, Energy Curtailment Specialists
On: January 7, 2015
Demand response is making national news thanks to some disconcerted utilities and a New Mexico senator.   Utilities, including FirstEnergy and several New England generators, are petitioning the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to eliminate demand response as a resource in capacity energy markets. Capacity markets involve power generators (or  more...
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Posted By: Wayne M. Kovach - SEO Specialist, NRG Business – Demand Response
On: January 6, 2015
An article on The Energy Collective explores the expectations for what the “next big thing” will be in the energy industry. The piece discusses how not one person in attendance at a recent energy conference could have guessed ten years ago that shale gas would be such a significant aspect  more...
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Posted By: Katia Lundy - Dir. Marketing and Communications, Plymouth Rock Energy
On: October 30, 2014
Imagine getting paid, or otherwise compensated, for not using energy! It's a reality these days, and it's known as demand response. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission defines demand response as "actions voluntarily taken by a consumer to adjust the amount or timing of his energy consumption." More utility companies offer  more...
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Posted By: Dan Garvey - Director, Sales and Marketing, PowerRunner
On: October 17, 2014
The Importance of Forecasting and Demand Planning in Managing a Lean Supply Chain Walmart stocks products made in more than 70 countries and operates more than 11,000 stores in 27 countries around the world with an average of 175,000 different products in each store. The logistics of managing such a  more...
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Posted By: Wayne M. Kovach - SEO Specialist, NRG Business – Demand Response
On: October 1, 2014
I'd venture to say that many, if not most, things in life are not planned and happen beyond our control. Education, relationships, families, and vocation occupy the majority of our lives. Some plans work out, and some don't. That rule applies to me. I started my career as a graphic  more...
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Posted By: Sarah Battaglia - Copywriter, NRG Business
On: September 16, 2014
If you’ve participated in a demand response (DR) event before, you probably have a reduction strategy already in place.  But what if you’re forgetting something?  What if there are more ways to reduce energy and get an ever larger payment?  We’re about to share with you the top 10 reduction  more...
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