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A Winning Senate Site

For the third consecutive Congress, the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee's bipartisan Web site has been singled out as one of the best on Capitol Hill, receiving a coveted 112th Congress Gold Mouse award.

In an evaluation of all 618 congressional Web sites, the energy committee was the only U.S. Senate committee to win a Gold Mouse. The Congressional Management Foundation, a nonprofit organization that seeks to improve communication between citizens and Congress, grants the awards.

CMF conducted its analysis from June to September in 2011. Reviewers assessed several criteria: usability of the Web site, timeliness of content, breadth and depth of information on issues, constituent services and casework information, promoting accountability to constituents, legislative process information, district/state information, floor proceedings information, availability of diverse forms of content, availability of diverse forms of content channels and social media components.

The Senate's energy committee is proud of the fact that its Web site is bipartisan - a rarity in Washington. As one of the most active Senate committees, the energy committee stresses the importance of transparency in the legislative process. Hearings are posted online within moments of being noticed, witness lists are uploaded as soon as they are confirmed, testimony is posted as soon as a hearing gavel opens and webcasts are archived after adjournment. Previews of legislative activities are posted, and summaries of pertinent bills and historical documents such as past comprehensive energy bills are all easily accessed on the Web site.

Stay tuned to - not just for the most up-to-date information available on the energy committee's activities, but also for a new look.


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