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Smart Grid -- Complexity and Variables.

The Smart Grid Projects increases the Complexity of the energy sector, and that brings more rapid changes, and follow the definitions of these changes are an additional challenge for the energy sector.

Complex environments require more Dynamism and Flexibility, and these two characteristics the energy sector has not yet developed, and here the energy sector can learn much from "IT Companies". We can see how easy it is to IT Companies to discuss the Smart Grid Projects, wanting more rapid changes and propose new actions. But the energy sector has conservative habits -- the nature of its business requires it -- and still will need some time for new habits to replace the old.

"Electricity is the worst nightmare. It is difficult to generate and store a large scale is still impossible, and after seconds of being created it simply disappears.

Electricity is difficult compared to any other Commodity. It is the longest chain on the supply line, but has not a single store."

Some pillars on which the electric power industries have been built are being turned upside down. A new era of uncertainty are being driven by the rapid changes that show Smart Grid Projects on the horizon, in a rapidly changing technological, but the main change is in the same business, and bringing with it an era of uncertainty, never experienced by the energy sector. The uncertainty and lack of predictability is not good for business, much less for the Centennial Energy Sector. Among other things, uncertainty brings more variables, and this brings further complexity as well.

As the Grid is dynamic and is constantly changing, the numbers of variables change quickly. When the number of variables increases, or is introduced a new variable, the complexity also increases.

Competition and Disturbance will increase even more as the Smart Grid Projects matures. A new era of instability hanging over the traditional energy giants facing more and more high risk factors in an environment that revolutionizes and transforms the entire electric industry, organizations and traditional strategies are becoming obsolete.

But first, energy companies need to make sure they have a strong justification for the implementation of Smart Grid Technology, and a major overhaul may be needed by rate makers before customers will pay the bill. Second, involve clients as much as possible in these decisions. If this is not done, many of these projects that do not have the desired result, and ends up making noise and erroneous evaluation perspective and distorting the communication between all participants.

Then the correct control of the variables and also limiting the amount of variables is one of the main points of Smart Grid Projects. So the definition of what variables are used is critical, the volume of Customer Data can even be many, but they are "poor" and information. And here, focus on Data Quality is always preferable than its Data Quantity.

Understanding that the increase of variables increase the Complexity of Intelligent Networks, and do not control these variables correctly, or you do not focus on what really "matters", we can certainly compromise the efficiency of these projects, and even worse, the future of these projects.


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