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Growing smart grid

The Northeast Group recently released new research on Brazil's smart grid investments, forecasting that they will reach US$36.6 billion by 2022. Curbing electricity theft tops the list of the country's most urgent imperatives for smart grid. According to the report: "A very significant problem in Brazil is the high rate of electricity theft. This is both a public safety issue and also unfairly requires paying customers to subsidize those stealing power. Smart meters are very effective tools in helping reduce electricity theft." Brazil also plans to use smart grid technology to improve reliability of the electric infrastructure and offer new pricing plans for customers. It also wants to pave the way for economic growth for the country. AMI, or advanced metering infrastructure, is the key to Brazil's smart grid program, according to Northeast Group. Sixty-three million AMI meters will be deployed by 2021, led by ANEEL, the Brazilian electricity regulator. The coming year is expected to bring detailed regulations to kick-start large-scale implementation across Brazil.


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