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New guides help frame evaluation of utility efficiency programs and design of Technical Reference Manuals (TRMs)

The report, Guide for States: Evaluation, Measurement, and Verification Frameworks-Guidance for Energy Efficiency Portfolios Funded by Utility Customers, describes the two primary purposes for EM&V frameworks: 1) to support consistent, documented and comparable EM&V within a jurisdiction and 2) to provide all stakeholders with an understanding of how EM&V is conducted within the jurisdiction, supporting confidence in results. The report also discusses processes for developing frameworks, emphasizes collaborative efforts, describes example frameworks, and provides background on EM&V concepts and methods.

It is available at:


Another recent report by Berkeley Lab for the SEE Action Network, Guide for States on Technical Reference Manuals, provides guidance on estimating the energy and demand savings of end-use energy efficiency measures. Technical Reference Manuals also may include information on non-energy impacts and factors that are used to calculate measure cost-effectiveness. It is available at:



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