Thomas Lord

Title: President
Company: PDF Commodity Solutions
Member Since: 05/22/2002

- Bio -

PDF Commodity Solutions (“Post Dodd Frank”) recognizes this new regulatory environment presents the prospect of uncertainty, confusion and concern. To date, lawyers have focused on “what and “when” – with no clarity on either point.

PDF Commodity Solutions is focused on “how” and “why” – how does a firm structure and effectuate controls on the participant and classification requirements for energy, utility and agricultural firms.

The “how” focuses on the path of decisions between a trader picking up the phone and being able to assure that a transaction has been executed legally under Dodd Frank.

The implementation “why” focuses on the lowest latency, highest reliability way of implementing the “how” within your business model. The PDF team has the experience and skill to avoid building gold plate where iron will do but the knowledge to be able to communicate with front office, mid office, back office, heads of desk and C-suite members to assure what is done is appropriate to your firm’s needs

Thomas J. Lord is the President of PDF Commodity Solutions LLC and is an executive with over 35 years of experience in the commodity industry in US and international markets. Most recently, he has led the Dodd Frank Title VII practice for PricewaterhouseCoopers in the energy market developing compliance strategies, corporate transaction and governance policies, procedures and operating controls as well as risk management system integration and deployment. Work in this area included Dodd Frank assessments, gap analysis of client compliance efforts as well as complete implementations of Dodd Frank operational controls process flows and creation of compliance manual materials. He has led several efforts to design, develop and deploy client based risk management IT solutions utilizing a blend of off-the shelf, custom and client developed software.

Prior to joining PwC, he provided subject matter expertise to design multiple models to implement energy compliance product launch responding to CFTC, CME and FERC regulations and oversight activities for a leading supplier of compliance software to the financial and anti-money laundering market space. He led product effectuation for multiple client proof of concept engagements and client solution development, while acting as subject matter expert for pilot project resulting in execution of global implementation for major global energy firm – primary client contact for business process and business mapping during implementation. This trade surveillance system was developed for the same firm that provided a similar trade surveillance data model to the CFTC.

He has also served as project director for Teknecon Energy Risk Advisors LLC’s effort in revising the governance structure of the electricity market for the government of Colombia. Additional Teknecon work included strategic advising to board level management of U.S. investor-owned utilities in such areas as asset deployment, corporate investment in development of energy trading capabilities, acquisition of trading company due diligence (both buyer and seller), and compensation structuring concerns. He also acted as an advisor and educator for client staff analysis of complex structured power transactions and asset based contracts.

Previously, he served as Vice President for Morgan Stanley Capital Group, Inc., where he performed all physical gas trading activities for a desk with daily volumes occasionally exceeding 1.25 Trading locations included much of the continental United States.

He has educated physical traders and marketers about futures and OTC instruments, linked trading and hedging strategies, and integrated trading activities with risk management activities. He developed reporting and accounting requirements for management, and formalized a derivative-linked marketing strategy.

Mr. Lord holds a J.D. degree from the University of Denver in Denver, Colorado. He also holds a B.S. in mechanical engineering and a B.A. in government and public policy from Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. He has completed graduate studies towards a Master degree in mineral economics from the Colorado School of Mines.

Thomas Lord, President
PDF Commodity Solutions, LLC
P.O. Box 535
Green Mountain Falls, CO 80819
v 719.687.5414

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