Dr. Andy Bardwell

Title: Founder
Company: Bardwell Consulting Ltd.
Member Since: 06/18/2009

- Bio -

Dr. Bardwell has over three decades of experience in the construction industry with his own design build firm. Since 1989 Dr. Bardwell has operated Bardwell Consulting Ltd. a statistic and mathematical modeling firm specializing in probability modeling and econometric analysis. Since 2007, Dr. Bardwell has been developing OptiMiser; a residential and light commercial energy modeling program designed to more efficiently identify optimal energy retrofit solutions. In 2008, Dr. Bardwell submitted testimony on existing utility incentives and the regulatory structure before the Public Utilities Commission of the State of Colorado in the 2007 Colorado Resource Plan Docket. For the testimony Dr. Bardwell developed an econometric model capable of reproducing analysis of the relative cost of electrical generation from different resources. His article resulted from that testimony.

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