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Over the years, you have grown to know Energy Central as a producer, curator, and distributor of quality news for the global power industry and now Energy Central is changing!Energy Central is now a community for the power industry to collaborate and interact.What does it mean to you:

  1. Everyone is an authorYou don't need premission to contribute to our growing global power industry knowledge base. Add your voice and/or the voice of your organization’s power industry related news to the community.Sign up or sign in. Select the person icon found in the right hand side of the top navigation bar and then follow the prompts.Once signed up, select any of the blue buttons found above the content streams on most pages to write a blog post, share a link or ask a question. 
  2. Promote yourself or your client’s organization’s experts, and thought leadersYou and/or your organization can promote industry leaders and thought leaders through our Power Industry Expert program.Our mission at Energy Central is to connect the global power industry. Part of that mission includes connecting power industry professionals with experts who can answer their questions or help them solve problems.Being an Energy Central Community Expert can enhance your expert’s and your organization’s exposure and reputation in the industry.Visit our expert application form to sign up or to sign up your client’s industry leaders.

 If you wrote for Energycentral in the past, please continue to do so. If you have any questions, please contact us.