Posted By: Walter Scheib
On: October 7, 2015
Many energy efficiency programs across the US are beginning to move beyond small pilot programs to full scale implementation of energy efficiency measures. Bringing energy efficiency programs to scale is an important goal and should be an objective of any comprehensive sustainability plan; however, full scale implementation of an energy ... more...
Filed under: Energy Efficiency
Posted By: Vincent Palmieri
On: October 6, 2015
With the end of summer, consumers need to start planning for what’s coming ahead as shorter days and chillier temperatures creep up on us. It is hard to imagine freezing temperatures when the sun is out and we are still experiencing warm weather, but this is actually the ideal time ... more...
Filed under: Billing & Customer Care
Posted By: Grant Lanthorn, P.E.
On: October 5, 2015
Water induction events at both nuclear and fossil plants are a continuing problem for the power industry, with an estimated two dozen events every year. Water induction can be extremely damaging yet the risk is often poorly understood by many system owners. These events have increased in frequency as units ... more...
Filed under: Nuclear
Posted By: Ferdinand E. Banks
On: October 2, 2015
"Nuclear's Best Years Are Behind Us" - Perry Sioshansi (2011) "More than 70 new nuclear reactors are now under construction, but that's not nearly enough to make a strong dent in CO2 emissions worldwide," So the question is, why aren't we building more?" - Jacobo Buongiorno (Professor of Nuclear Science, ... more...
Filed under: Nuclear
Posted By: Sven Lindstrom
On: October 1, 2015
In an earlier article, Midsummer’s CEO Sven Lindström outlined some of the most common myths about solar power. Here are five more of the most common solar energy myths – coupled with the real facts: Myth 1: Cheap coal and the current energy mix (often dirty fossil fuel or nuclear) ... more...
Filed under: Solar
Posted By: Roger Ford
On: September 30, 2015
Current U.S. energy policy is predicated on antiquated thinking—avoiding actual resource and production integration to achieve maximum positive impact for the American economy, American job creation; plus, environmental considerations that are founded on market-driven solutions, supported by focused government investment, and development of public-private partnerships that promote long-term workforce retraining, ... more...
Filed under: Business & Corporate
Posted By: Irina Zerchaninova
On: September 29, 2015
Famous British author, inventor and futurist Sir Arthur C. Clarkes predicted for 2016 the replacement of money by a megawatt-hour universe currency. He was not the first who thought in a similar way. These were Henry Ford (energy-backed money) and Thomas Edison (monetary policy and “energy dollar”).  Modern researchers, particularly, ... more...
Filed under: Energy Efficiency
Posted By: Pandurang (Pradeep) Naik , Parthasarathy S A
On: September 28, 2015
As the technology and energy industries continue to evolve, we are seeing more governments take steps to ensure energy conservation, emission reduction in generation, greater energy efficiency, energy quality, and transparency in energy distribution and consumption. This includes drastic changes to policies related to energy generation, transmission, distribution and supply. ... more...
Filed under: Information Technology
Posted By: Rick Barnett
On: September 25, 2015
Residential energy codes were established to cut energy use by strengthening or “weatherizing” the barrier between outside and conditioned interior space.  Weatherization reduces energy for “space conditioning”, the largest part of residential energy use, and the least affected by US efficiency programs.  Weatherization products are typically installed as a system, ... more...
Filed under: Environmental, Emissions & Carbon Management
Posted By: Mark V. Burlingame, CPA
On: September 24, 2015
This is the second article in a series on the proposal to bring Energy Future Holdings’ companies out of bankruptcy. On August 10th, Hunt Consolidated and a consortium of investors announced an agreement with Energy Future Holdings (EFH) in bankruptcy court to bring the EFH companies out of bankruptcy. In ... more...
Filed under: Billing & Customer Care

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The utility industry is undergoing a powerful transformation, and big data is right in the thick of it. As utilities wrestle with challenges of distributed energy resources, renewed emphasis on customer engagement, improving grid reliability, upgrading transmission infrastructure and more, more...

Save Energy, Save Money: Energy Analytics Goes Mobile

Thursday Oct 15, 2015 - 12:00 PM Eastern - Virtual Event

In its quest to continually maintain its high customer service, ensure customer retention and lead the market, Greenchoice Utility, the largest green and renewable sources energy provider in the Netherlands, partnered with ONZO Ltd., to develop a new mobile customer more...

Avoiding the 'Frankenstein' Approach to Utility Mobile Workforce Management

Tuesday Oct 20, 2015 - 12:00 PM Eastern - Virtual Event

The demands on the Utility workforce are continually expanding. So too are the demands on the software technology that supports these mission-critical processes. Many utilities deploy workforce management technology one point solution at a time as their needs grow. These more...

Beyond the Smart Meter: Building a better data architecture to monetize your data and realize your benefits

Wednesday Oct 21, 2015 - 4:00 PM Eastern - Virtual Event

Bit Stew Presents Webinar & Case Study featuring AusNet Services. As utilities roll out smart meter programs, they are quickly becoming overwhelmed with the massive volumes of data generated by the modern grid. more...

Strategizing the Role of Bring Your Own Device in Your Demand Management Program

Thursday Oct 22, 2015 - 12:00 PM Eastern - Virtual Event

Demand response and energy efficiency programs that utilize a bring your own device (BYOD) approach to include energy devices already in consumers homes benefit utilities, consumers and connected device providers alike. Utilities can expand demand response capacity with lower marketing more...

15th Annual Outage Response & Restoration Management

Wednesday Oct 21, 2015 - Friday Oct 23, 2015 - Atlanta, GA


Utility Analytics Week 2015

Wednesday Oct 28, 2015 - Friday Oct 30, 2015 - New Orleans, Louisianna

As analytics progress in the utility industry, so do the needs for greater return on investment while gaining maximum strategic advantage and value. Utility Analytics Week will help you ignite your program and tackle the most challenging analytic hurdles. more...

Knowledge Executive Summit

Monday Nov 2, 2015 - Wednesday Nov 4, 2015 - Miami, Florida

Accelerating Knowledge Transfer Among Utility Leaders. Today's utility leaders have to contend with intense schedules and receive a host of invitations to meetings and trade events that do not deliver tangible benefits. Through Knowledge Executive Summit, utility leaders can participate more...

16th PLMA Fall Conference

Tuesday Nov 3, 2015 - Wednesday Nov 4, 2015 - Charlotte, NC - USA

Gain real-world insight from market practitioners, technology firms, and energy utilities active in the demand response marketplace. About 150 demand response industry professionals are expected to attend from energy utilities and government agencies as well as industry allies, including consultants, more...


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