Posted By: Daniel Melling
On: April 29, 2016
Hard economic times have prompted West Virginia to look toward a future that depends less on coal and more on renewable energy, a higher-technology job market and even a price on climate-warming carbon dioxide. The changes in store for West Virginia were the focus of a conference last week at West ... more...
Filed under: Fossil & Biomass
Posted By: Dan Delurey
On: April 27, 2016
Missed Part 1? View it here. In my last column I looked backward and talked about past forays into competition within the electricity sector. Now it is time for me to toss out my thoughts on where we are going from here. Let's begin by imagining that you are the ... more...
Filed under: Policy, Regulatory & Legal
Posted By: Katie Otterbeck
On: April 25, 2016
We cannot continue to rely on fossil fuels, which threaten public health and the environment, to power our lives. This is especially true since we have the renewable energy alternatives to meet 100% of our electricity demands. With our 300 days of sunshine a year, Colorado has virtually limitless access ... more...
Filed under: Solar
Posted By: Paul Valenta
On: April 22, 2016
Thermal energy storage (TES) has been around for years. When compressor-based HVAC systems were first applied, they were not large enough to cool large venues. Motion picture theaters and houses of worship would use thermal storage by creating and storing cooling all week for the weekends' activities. As HVAC systems ... more...
Filed under: Energy Storage
Posted By: Kevin Herring
On: April 20, 2016
Meetings, meetings, meetings. Doesn't every company have too many of them? Questions like, "What's the point of dragging all of us out of our cubicles when the conversation only pertains to a few?" and, "Wouldn't it be better to use that time actually doing the work instead of just talking ... more...
Filed under: Human Resourcess
Posted By: William Fortune
On: April 18, 2016
The U.S. can be the worlds leader and supplier of clean carbon electricity and power plants.  Our study reveals that economically viable alternatives are readily available that precludes the necessity for burning trash or fossil fuels to make electricity. The best alternative is the molten salt thermal generator; the MIT ... more...
Filed under: Risk & Operations
Posted By: John Egan
On: April 15, 2016
Utility marketers and communicators I speak with remain intrigued by the idea of direct interaction with their clients, contacts not mediated by email, social media, the news media or the contact center’s voice-response unit (VRU). They understand the power of personally connecting with customers. But these utility representatives I speak ... more...
Filed under: Billing & Customer Care
Posted By: Michael Schwartz
On: April 13, 2016
Natural gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG) have very important roles in the world's energy supply. There are several stages throughout the supply chain of LNG and it must be effectively tracked from the initial stage as natural gas, to transportation to a liquefaction plant, to shipment in liquid form to ... more...
Filed under: Fossil & Biomass
Posted By: Seyi Fabode
On: April 11, 2016
The electric utility industry is glacial in its adoption of technology. There is evidence of this in never-ending pilot projects with startups that lead nowhere and in product design crowdsourcing campaigns that take a year and end up with products that remind one of the failed project. But change ... more...
Filed under: Information Technology
Posted By: Nate Aden
On: April 8, 2016
As countries embark on the transition to a new climate economy, there’s a debate about whether growth can drive, or even coexist with, climate stabilization. On the other side of the coin, it’s also a discussion of whether climate stabilization can drive growth. The debates on growth and resources are complex, fractious and centuries old, ... more...
Filed under: Environmental, Emissions & Carbon Management

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