Posted By: Nishant Jain
On: July 31, 2015
Indian parliament has tabled Electricity Amendment Bill 2014 to simplify the implementation of Open Access in India Power Industry. In an attempt towards optimizing electricity supply chain, Open Access provision allows customers with demand of 1 MW or more to access T&D lines with associated fee paid. And customer is ... more...
Filed under: International
Posted By: John Cray
On: July 30, 2015
Competition changes everything, and while the energy sector remains highly regulated, things are evolving rapidly and utilities face new challenges that cannot be left unmet. Technology is reshaping every segment of our economy, and never before have customers held so much sway. The passive energy consumer of yesterday is giving ... more...
Filed under: Communications & Security
Posted By: Guy Starr
On: July 29, 2015
For the last decade, the nuclear industry has been engaged in a focused effort to address the looming talent gap as a large number of baby boomer workers reach retirement age. In that time, significant progress has been made in raising awareness around the issue and developing new educational curriculums ... more...
Filed under: Nuclear
Posted By: Scott Tew
On: July 28, 2015
The largest energy consumers in the world are big buildings. Think of the abundance of lighting fixtures, heating/cooling systems, water heating and refrigeration units demanded of these large buildings and the resulting energy used to power these services over a vast amount of space. The floor space and sheer number ... more...
Filed under: Energy Efficiency
Posted By: Sheri Givens
On: July 27, 2015
In well-established industries, consumers can count on third-party organizations for the information they need about the true customer experience when it comes to a certain product or service.  For example, each year, Americans who are in the market for a new car can rely on JD Power’s recently released Vehicle ... more...
Filed under: Solar
Posted By: Charles Y. Chen, PhD
On: July 24, 2015
I am addicted to C-SPAN. Especially now, when the 2016 presidential election season is well underway. There is endless coverage of conventions, town halls, and conferences. While I pay attention to candidates' views on important topics such as national security, entitlement, and tax reform, I am listening intently on their ... more...
Filed under: Grid Operations
Posted By: Gerald Conn
On: July 23, 2015
Those who work outdoors are usually well acquainted with weather hazards and tend to keep a closer eye than most on the local weather report. When weather conditions directly affect your workday—especially when weather turns severe—it’s critical to understand how to protect yourself and avoid many weather-related safety myths that ... more...
Filed under: Risk & Operations
Posted By: Lisa Wood
On: July 22, 2015
By 2020, a staggering 80 percent of the adults on the planet will own a smartphone, reflecting a global society that is truly passionate about being connected.  Here in the United States, this passion goes beyond just smartphones and runs the gamut—from iPads and smartwatches to home automation devices and ... more...
Filed under: Business & Corporate
Posted By: Udi Merhav
On: July 21, 2015
The rise of connected consumer electronic devices in this “Internet of Things” era continues to surge and is opening market opportunities for midstream energy efficiency. Over the last few years, retailers (the midstream market), electronics manufacturers (the upstream market) and the utility sector have developed models of collaboration to achieve ... more...
Filed under: Energy Efficiency
Posted By: Kevin Herring
On: July 20, 2015
"Dear Consultant, I try to hire the best employees. Once they're on board, I work hard to motivate them applying what I learned in my management training. My employees don't seem lazy, and they're definitely smart enough to do the job, but for some reason things aren't working. People keep ... more...
Filed under: Human Resourcess

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